Why Gooba 3 is the best note-taker and task manager for your devices

We decided to develop an app like Gooba with the purpose of bringing an app to take notes for all those who, like us, were looking for an app able to have some of the best and most useful features of similar apps, with a wonderful interface and without the need to spend a lot of money. And above all with the guarantee of having safe and well-kept notes.

We are making Gooba, update after update, one of the simplest and most complete apps of its kind available on the App Store. With the launch of Gooba 3 we have greatly improved our service, making it on par with other services, with many differences and merits. In this post we decided to explain the real reason why we believe that Gooba is the best app to take notes and to manage tasks with a device.

Simple and beautiful interface

Probably Gooba has the best interface between all the apps of its kind. We have developed a simple and minimal design. If you use Gooba for the first time, you will learn how to use all the features and settings of the app in minutes, thanks to the simplicity of its interface.

Notes & Quick actions

Writing notes with Gooba is very pleasant. In addition to the well-organized editor interface, we have many quick actions available that allow us to change our note settings quickly. We can lock or set the note as a priority from the bottom right bar, with a simple tap on the icon. In addition, everything we write is automatically saved, without any risk of losing what you wrote.

Priority Notes

In Gooba there is a section dedicated only to important things. You can consult it when you need to read an important note, without wasting time looking for it. Very soon it will be possible to set the tasks as priorities too.

Protected Notes

With Gooba you can write anything, even if it is a password, a PIN or your bank code. All this thanks to the Protected Notes. With Gooba 3 we have greatly improved this feature to guarantee you greater security. Now you can protect your notes with a 4 or 6-digit PIN.


Folders are the most important and most awaited feature by Gooba users. Thanks to them you can organize your notes in a way never seen in any app. While other services allow you to organize your notes with tags or notebooks, with Gooba it is simpler. Create a folder and add the notes inside it. You can move them from the list of all the notes or you can choose the folder directly while you are writing. It’s like organizing your files on your computer. You’ve been doing it for years.


Gooba is not just an app for notes. It’s a real friend who helps you organize everything: your day, your shopping list, your university notes, your business meetings. With Gooba 3, thanks to the integration of tasks, it is even easier to manage things. With this feature you can organize your days as you prefer: write an important thing to do, choose the date when you have to do your task and set a reminder not to forget. Moreover, thanks to the Groups, you can organize your tasks as you see fit.

Tasks In Notes

This is a simple but very useful feature. And we will improve it throughout the year to ensure better integration between Notes and Tasks. Sometimes you have to write an important note, for example an email to send later. It’s also important that you remember having to send it. For this reason, while writing the email as a note on Gooba, you can add a task linked to the note you are writing, in order to set a reminder.

Light or Dark?

Personalization is important. There are people who like to use their app with white shades and those who prefer dark shades. With Gooba you can choose two modes: the classic and the dark.
The latest iPhones have a magnificent OLED display and for this reason we recommend using the dark mode.

Gooba for Creators

Writing notes with Gooba is totally free and without advertising. Forever. However, in order to be able to make progress and continually improve our project, we need a little financial help from users. All the Gooba features we’ve just listed (except the Notes) and much more are available with the Creator plan. The paid plan is designed to convince our users to upgrade. In fact you can buy the in-app package directly from the app at a fantastic price: only $3.99, without any expiration and without any subscription.

These are some of the many reasons why we believe Gooba 3 is the best service to take notes and to manage your life. You can download the apps for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch on the App Store or you can visit our website from here.