Why you should choose Gooba’s Creator plan

It’s been five months since we launched our paid plan for Gooba. Gooba for Creators is a key part of Gooba since its launch.
We have always reserved some exclusive features in the famous Creator section, where there were features that were not necessary for anyone, but only those more curious, more creative, in fact.

Over the months we have decided to give the opportunity to the most loyal users or to users who see Gooba more like an important friend to manage work or university, more than a simple notebook.
This is how the Creator plan was born, an economic plan, with a one-off price, therefore without a subscription, to give the possibility to use Gooba in an even more powerful way.

We launched the Creator plan in late July, with the 2.0.6 update. The initial price was only $0.99 and allowed you to use features such as Priority Notes, Protected Notes, Themes, the ability to recover deleted notes and much more.

During the development of Gooba 3 we focused a lot on the roads to be undertaken with the Creator plan. We have enriched its content, adding features such as Folders and Tasks. We have been forced, in a sense, to raise the price of the plan, thanks to new additions, while maintaining a price accessible to anyone: $7.99 (one-off, without subscription).

With Gooba 3, the Creator plan is not reserved exclusively for those who use Gooba for work or for study. Now it is destined for anyone. Whether it’s writing down the shopping list or remembering something important, we all need a friend like Gooba 3.
Let’s find out why anyone should choose the Creator plan and Gooba 3 more than any other paid service.

1. Cheap

As we have already explained, the Creator plan is accessible to anyone thanks to its super-cheap price. There is no subscription, so just buy it once and it will remain yours forever.

2. Accessible from any device and from any account

In addition to having it forever, the Creator plan can be used in any device and in any account. For example, if you buy the Creator plan from your iPhone, with your personal Gooba account, you can use your Creator plan on your iPad with your Gooba account for work. The important thing is that in the devices in which you would like to use the plan, you are assured of owning the same Apple ID of the device from which you made the purchase. Just click on “Restore purchases” and here it is!

3. Secure payment

The Creator plan can only be purchased on iOS devices, in order to use Apple technologies to ensure greater security in your payments.

4. No change in the price for the owners of the plan

Thanks to the one-time purchase, you will never be subject to price changes and nobody will be able to make your purchase invalid. After you’ve purchased the plan, it will remain yours forever. You are without constraints.

5. You have access to the whole Gooba world

With Gooba 3 there is only a paid plan, with it you will have access to everything in the app. There is no risk that you have to pay further to unlock new features.

6. Always updated

The Creator plan is continuously updated and will never be put aside. Although you have only paid $7.99 for some features, you will continue to receive new additions, for free!

All features, currently available, with the Creator plan:

7. ‘Your plan’ section

In the Gooba app for iOS, the ‘Your plan’ section is always available in ‘Settings’ and allows you to stay updated on all the news about the Creator plan. From here you can discover the new additions and those that will come later.

We are working hard to make our service even more incredible and the Creator plan is very important for Gooba. Thanks to your purchase we can guarantee you a better service and we can continue our project. We have new news for owners of the Creator plan that will come in the future. Stay tuned!




Writing and task manager in one app.

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Writing and task manager in one app.

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