3 Ways to Discover the Value of Both Your Time and Your Money

Expert advice on finding the value of your money and your most precious asset, your time

David Wyld
Mar 9 · 4 min read
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It’s true that time is money and money is time. But what does this mean for your everyday life? These valuable resources go hand in hand and have the power to grow together or compete for attention. The way you choose to let them interact in your daily decisions, both big and small, can help you find financial and holistic wellness.

There’s a basic principle called the time value of money (TVM) that’s important to consider when making financial decisions. The concept illustrates the idea that money you have today is worth more than the same amount you could have at any point in the future, due to its potential to earn interest. Conversely, you can think of your time in a similar way. By investing time in activities that bring you fulfillment, you can create more monetary and overall value in your life. Having a satisfying job and making money creates purpose and a means to enjoy life more fully.

Amanda Clayman, financial therapist and Prudential’s financial wellness advocate, is an expert in the emotional and personal motivators behind financial decisions and is here to help you explore how to reframe your mind around time and money to work to your advantage. Both are finite resources and you need to use them carefully.

Amanda shares the below advice on how to better uncover the value of your time and money.

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1. Budgeting isn’t just for finance

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2. Use your money to create more time

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3. Use your time to create more money — and enrich your life

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For more information, advice and tools for investing in your financial wellness and establishing healthy financial habits, visit Prudential Financial. (BPT)


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Basically, the Instruction Manual for Life….

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David Wyld (dwyld@selu.edu) is a Professor of Strategic Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is a noted business consultant and writer.

Good Advice Publishing

Basically, the Instruction Manual for Life….

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