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GoodAdvisor — Part 1: Intro to Personal Finance.

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#1 The most important component of personal finance is Income — maximise that.

#2 Budgets are important — but you should not think about them too much.

Budgets are administratively taxing thats why there are infinite budgeting apps. The problem with budgeting is that people try to predict spending down to the cent needed to pay for rent. That seldom works, if it did, people would stop trying to sell you on how to budget & you would stop trying to use every app & spreadsheet to teach you how to budget. Budgets should be at most high-level round amounts based on pre-historical spend amounts. If your income doesn't fluctuate why are you trying to predict the future on money you don’t have? — You should build habits based on sureties.



Good Advisor is a publication by Ububele about Personal Finance.

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