Photo by Kyle Gregory Devaras on Unsplash

Think big and plan to be remarkable.

In 1948 David Ogilvy made a list of five dream clients for his then two day old advertising agency:

General Foods, Bristol-Myers, Campbell Soup Company, Lever Brothers, Shell. Quite a list for a 37 year old who had never worked in advertising.

There have always been big thinkers.
The thing is he gave himself a deadline of 1960 to win these clients. A twelve year plan, this gave him the time to achieve something remarkable. From a standing start he gained these clients.

OK so David Ogilvy turned out to be legend — but maybe that’s because he had a long term plan.

We live in a high pressure world where sales directors are looking for results at the end of every quarter. Businesses want 5,000+ followers on twitter in two weeks and 1000 people to read their blog in three months.

But you’re not giving yourself a chance and you’re not thinking big enough.

Why not be remarkable? Think long term and think big. Which blue chip company can you land as a client if you have ten or fifteen years to work towards it. Instead of 5,000 followers in three months how about half a million in five years. Don’t plan to add 3% to quarter three compared to last year plan to add 50% or 100% or 500% in ten years. These goals aren’t unrealistic, but they require a lot planning and a lot of work.

Struggling for time? We started with 31,500 working hours between now and the end of 2020. Time enough for some pretty big plans.