Developer Tool Kit

Always learning new tricks

Here at Good Dog we’ve got a nice balanced mix of abilities ranging across the design and development spectrum. Each day our developers amaze us with their commitment to detail while producing brilliantly quick applications. We’ve talked a bit about the services and applications we use to communicate with clients around the globe, and wanted to show the handy applications our iOS and Rails developers keep in their Utility Belts.

Sublime Text This text editor is simple yet powerful. Elegant and plugin ready this is the go to application of all of our developers, both front and back end. It’s a refined way to handle all of your coding needs.

Atom A few of our developers like Atom’s: It’s tree structure makes it easy to add files, the color coded file indicator shows you what’s been committed, and the tool is open-sourced with frequent updates and plugins for just about anything.

iTerm2 This is the replacement to the OSX terminal and provides a huge suite of features and upgrades that anyone spending a fair amount of time (like our developers) love to have.

Dash Provides super easy documentation referral and snippets management.

ImageOptim a really simple, and powerful image optimizer. Just drop a batch of images and watch those kilobytes just melt away.

iOS Simulator part of the Xcode tools, easy way to test and troubleshoot issues across Apple devices.

Sip the simple color picker Mac app that lets you sample and encode any color on your screen.

xScope another Mac based app for measuring, inspecting & testing

For our applications that require API development we’ve found two applications to be absolutely amazing :

  1. Get Postman Allows our team to collaborate as we develop APIs quickly and smoothly.
  2. API Blueprint Created by Daniel Taylor, API Blueprint is the way of writing the text documentation so that we can export it directly to HTML.

Code management and deploys

Code Climate Like their website says, CC is great for automated code review for test coverage, complexity, duplication, security, style and provides excellent early development feedback.

GitLab For our repository management, and code reviews. We also use Github Enterprise for some our projects, it depends on the client the requirements. So far, we ❤ GitLabs modern UI and simple views.

Sentry easily the best crash reporting tool for our Rails apps.

Capistrano remote deployment manager for all your daily deployment needs.

What are yours?

We’d love to hear what your essential apps are.