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2 min readJan 26, 2018


🍲古早排骨湯、菜飯🍚,私藏暖食 Stewed pork ribs & white radish Soup served with Vegetable rices , My Private Comfort Food, Taipei


As I was a child, my mother loved to stew a pot of pork ribs soup at weekend. She would put white radish or corn to stew with ribs.

I loved these delicious pork ribs in the soup that could bite them off the bone easily.


Mom and Dad left me the best parts, and then, my father started to collect the parts that meatless or the bones with strange shapes to his bowl, tut voiceless absorption of these bones.

After he did this for years, I also thought these parts more delicious and began to chew these parts. Then, my mother finally got the chance to eat the pork ribs, the best part.


Many Years later, I went home with my wife for the very first time. My wife praised my mother stewed pork ribs soup, seasoning light revealing fragrant, the soup is more like jade: “This fragrant ribs soup, even a little meat residue cannot see on the surface of the soup!”


After my mother had been gone, we started trying to cook these soups as her copycat and finally found out that the secret of the soup was slow. Slowly simmer with a very small, low-heat fire and catch the slag every twenty minutes. Slowly stew four hours before dinner.


These memories drove us to search for ribs soup and finally found this small restaurant served good ribs soup without Google Maps GeoTag.


This restaurant served retro ribs soup which couldn’t reach the perfection my mother did. But they did some similar ways to seasoning as my mother’s recipe and accompanied by a bowl of lettuce cabbage.

That’s the kind of comfort food could save you any cold nights with heartwarming memories.


May these ribs soup continue to have the heat on the road without Google Maps GeoTag.