Good Livin’
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Good Livin’

How To Make The Right Choice, Every Single Time

Hint: It’s about focusing on the feeling.

Young man with freckles with hands on his face in confusion
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For as long as you let them, people will try to tell you what your dreams are. They especially like to point out things that you have right now, that don’t seem to align with your vision for the future.

“You say you just want to live on an island near family and friends, but you go out to…

Stop, savor, take it slow. In a world that promises success by waking up earlier and working harder, we share powerful stories about living a good life, minus all the pressure.

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Alice Giuditta

Alice Giuditta

Full-time freelance writer/copywriter. I write about how I got here, and how to live a good life with less pressure and more meaning.

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