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New Beginning: Good News Daily

1st Month Review: September 2019


On Labor Day this summer I birthed a new baby, Good News Daily. There were no altruistic reasons for this, I was selfish to want to produce and curate content that I wanted to read. It has been so very satisfying in this aspect.

My plan was to share a-quote-a-day for one year, or until I ran out of steam. There was enough collected for a month, but this plan took off like a B-52, with many new avenues and resources for legit sharing, so Quotables the column seems to be resonating with many readers. Every quote is unlocked, and generates no income, only good energy, and exemplifies Writing from the Light. Clicking on this link will take you to the complete Quotables archives.

The first submissions began with a comment I had made to Roy during our meeting in Chicago, which turned into an impromptu prompt. Here are the lovely writers who shared their stories for Why We Are Here. If you missed any of these stories, deprive yourself no longer.

Roy, whose skeleton reveals more than the author does.

Mark Starlin, who always makes us smile.

James Finn, who always inspires.

Daphelba DeBeauvoir, who makes me blush in her title.

Dennett, who was gracious in her sharing.

Kay Bolden, who always has a unique take on things.

Tre L. Loadholt, who revealed a little bit of herself.

Yours Truly, Jk Mansi

Jack Herlocker, who showed us his real face!

Jane Vogel, who found her voice.

Linda Caroll, who insisted on embarrassing me with her title.

Dana Sanford, whose addition was poetic.

Harper Thorpe, who gave us his unpunny side.

There was poetry: heartfelt, funny, intimate.

Ré Harris, from whom every word is loaded with magic.

Kathy Jacobs, who praised the love note of her One Note.

Jane Vogel, who shared how to create community.

Guérin Asante, who made us grateful for our sight with his insight.

Jenny Justice, who told us what the good news was today.

Annie Caldwell connected us to Nature, which always brings good news.

Shringi Kumari, who wrote poignantly of mothers and daughters.

Bonnie Flach wrote sagely about the passage of time in Seasons Fly.

Harper Thorpe took Meals on Feels, and ran with it into our funnybones.

I had my own humorous poetic self indulgent calling out of those who are not-so-secretly here, and my week of insomnia when I couldn’t stop writing.

Last weekend I dashed off my first listicle of a game I have never played IRL, called Never-Have-I-Ever. What was just a fun thing for me turned into a fun thing for many of our lovely writers, and some who were not even our writers yet! There was some turning away of well-meant but ill advised lists of private misdemeanors from folks who neither read here, nor are writers here. Click on the link to see the complete Never Have I Ever Archives.

Jk Mansi

Harper Thorpe at his funniest!

A Maguire, what a rare treat!

Mark Starlin, rubber/stamped with his own special humor!

Jane Vogel, being very earnest!

Tre L. Loadholt, what a shock and pleasant surprise to have these revelations!

Julia Kantic, being all coy and mysterious and brazen at the same time!

Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻, another wonderful poet who will be doing a poetry slam!

Roy, bucking the system in all his skeletal glory! Again!!!

Annie Caldwell being most lady like.

Susan Brearley, who continues to believe I created this fun challenge!

Jack Herlocker, who is nothing if not detailed about his past. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

Bonnie Flach, with some hopes and some regrets rounds out the collection.

And Sam Kimberle, sliding in just under the wire today…..

Guérin Asante, with his first piece of humor that I have seen. How could I not?

Linda Caroll, rhyming her way to our funny bones (hers, not broken!).

A few miscellaneous pieces joined this chorus of loud hilarity with quiet good news. Two pieces from/about our contributor Patricio Manuel, who I am honored to represent on Medium. A walk down musical memory lane, and one about those Friday Night Milk Runs by Hans Glickerschmucken. And the first wonderful essay by Kay Bolden that launched Good News Daily, about her living arrangements before she left for parts unknown! Enjoy!!

Oh man, I totally missed this from Joe Váradi, maybe because the image in it was my own face…how many times can one see pink hair? Sorry Joe!

If you are reading this but have not been added as a contributor, please peruse the Submission Suggestions, and follow the recommended steps to be added. Please do not ask to be added in a comment at the end of this review or in the comments section of the submission guidelines. Thanks!

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If you are one of the people who I love to read and follow, or are one of my editors, why are you not on the contributors roster yet? Putting you on there without your permission!!! I’m lookin’ at you DiAmaya Dawn, Edd Jennings Stephen M. Tomic, Charlotte Franklin, Pat Link, Justin Deming, Mike Range.



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