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This Tree and Me

Who lives, who dies, who decides.

Infinite Life. Photo by Heidi Beeler

Outside the window
where I sit all day,
It stands alone,
arms spread wider
than it’s height
exoskeleton of
branches unmoving.
roots spread above ground
in a circle around it.
leafless but not lifeless.
Sunlight glistens where
bark has peeled,
leaving jagged wounds
that cannot be sealed,
blustery storms rage
dark clouds overhead,
without a sound it stands
unafraid, unredeemed.

Unsteady I stand
my arms span wider
than the tiny height
nature has allotted me.
I sit in the chair with
wheels, where others
take the helm.
I wonder if the tree
sees me, noting the
jagged edges of
my wounds softening
to heal, my roots
explored by me
exposed for all to see.
the air that It freely
shares, curated
through tubes for me.
I wonder how It feels.

Only one of us may see
the coming of summer.
It will stay to bear new leaves
I might fly free.

I’m tagging a few of my publications and peeps, please let me know if you’d rather I not do so in the future, for as long as I have a future. I will try to read a little bit of everyone for as long as I can. It’s all good. Thank you for your love and acceptance in the Medium community.

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Jk Mansi

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