One of the most impressive games that I had the pleasure seeing at PSX last year was Absolver. The 3D brawler is the first project from Parisian indie developer Sloclap, and it managed to blow me away with just how punishing its combat felt. Something as simple as landing a punch on a skilled opponent felt like a triumph for me, and I adored the PS4 title’s gorgeous art style. While my PSX 2016 preview was all about learning the basics, at E3 I got to jump right into the action.

I also got to see how the game’s multiplayer will play out, as players will just bump into each other in the game world. Whether or not this ends up being a cordial relationship depends on the two players, as they can either fight or choose to partner up. Since the person I ran into was the developer that was showing off the game to me, I made the smart call to accept his pact. This is done by popping up the game’s expression menu, which holds a bunch of emotes and also allows players to partner up (or betray their friends if they want).

Once I partnered up with a member


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