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The “Final Fantasy Seitan 30 Shūnen Opening Ceremony” event had just about everything for the Final Fantasy fan, from smartphone game announcements to the latest images from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. The event also wasn’t short on new DLC items and events coming to Final Fantasy XV, which of course includes the game’s ongoing love affair with Cup Noodle.

Nissin Foods is accepting pre-orders for “Cup Noodle FINAL FANTASY BOSS COLLECTION Boss Character Package.” The collection is a package of 15 Cup Noodle meals, each with different Final Fantasy boss character packaging. The characters span from the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XV and the set comes in a special display case. Each set costs 6,048 yen (US$54).

The enemies, in order by game, are: Chaos, Emperor, Clouds of Darkness, Zeromus, Exdeath, Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Trance Kuja, Seymour Guado, Shadow Lord, Judge Gabranth, Orphan, Bahamut, and Ardyn Izunia.

Customers who pre-order the set will be entered in a special lottery. 30 winners will be selected and receive the “Ichigeki Hisshoku! Ultima Weapon Fork,” a 60cm (2ft) long fork supervised by the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary team.

抽選で当たるアルテマウェポンフォーク クポ!!お、おおきいクポ!#FF30th http://pic.twitter.com/LOBmAbJEEg



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