Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s latest mobile game, is finally available for iOS and Android. Since the mobile Animal Crossing game was delayed out of this fiscal year, this is the last Nintendo mobile game for the foreseeable future. And after playing it for a few hours, I think it’s the most mobile game Nintendo has made yet, in that it feels like a mobile game with a Nintendo skin, not a Nintendo game you happen to play on mobile. This is more of a bad thing than a good one, but Fire Emblem Heroes does maintain much of what makes the series appealing. It’s good enough.

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Fire Emblem Heroes is pretty much the game we’d thought it would be after Nintendo revealed it a few weeks ago. The campaigns boil down the franchise’s complex turn-based strategy battles into fast-paced four-on-four skirmishes. Maps are smaller and more uniform. The only major differences are where obstacles are placed. The Fire Emblem weapon triangle, which dictates what weapons are weak to and strong against, has is also more obvious. Even the art style, a mix of chibi sprites and static illustrations, is pleasant but stripped down.

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