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Researchers say this is the first time this type of behaviour between the two species has been recorded.

With its sprawling cedar forests and abundant wildlife, the island of Yakushima is known for being so beautiful it inspired a Studio Ghibli animated film. Located about 60 kilometres (37.2 miles) south of Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, Yakushima is now attracting worldwide attention for a very different reason, and this time it involves a story about a monkey and some deer.

Footage filmed on the island late last year shows the two animals co-existing peacefully in the forest until suddenly, the monkey jumps on the deer’s back. Rather than looking to hitch a ride, though, the primate appears to be trying to sow his wild oats with the four-legged creature, in what’s being described as only the second-ever recording of sexual behaviour between two distant species, and the first between a monkey and a deer.

Take a look at the video below:

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The video has been included as supplementary material for a research paper entitled Interspecies


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