Feeding Ourselves: Eliza Martin | GP Interview #24

Raman Frey
Good People Dinners
5 min readSep 23, 2020


This is the twenty-fourth in a series of interviews with explorers, thinkers, artists, activists and other luminaries around the world, people whose life’s work resonates with our founding principles.

Eliza and Brian romance some asparagus out at Hot Springs Ranch in Nevada

Our friend Eliza Martin is a chef, educator and speaker on topics related to personal empowerment through confidence in the kitchen. She imagines a society where nearly anyone can work with any simple ingredients to provide themselves and loved ones with healthy and delicious meals.

After working her way up the restaurant chain from line cook to Executive Chef in NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco, and serving on the Rachael Ray Show and at Saveur Magazine, Eliza became a “Chopped” Champion and won a James Beard competition.

Trained in a wide range of cuisines, from Italian, to Indian to Creole, Eliza has a gift for improvisation and engaging the beginner, from 4 to 80+ years old. Today she serves as an instructor at Culinary Artistas in San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square neighborhood.

Culinary Artistas Kitchen near Ghirardelli Square

GP: So you care a lot about kids, food and their ability to prepare food for themselves. How does this empower kids? What is it like