Fertility Expert on Connecting With Our Bodies and Feeling Empowered

Empowerment to Emerald Figueroa means helping women connect deeply with their bodies and emotions. Emerald is the founder of Eosoma, a movement to address unwanted pregnancy without relying on abortion or synthetic chemicals. Following our lightning talk on empowering women, we chatted with Emerald about how her scientific approach to pregnancy prevention that gives women power and choice.

Can you tell me a little bit about your work with Eosoma?

Eosoma is a Non-Hormonal Pregnancy Prevention Method. We teach you how to understand your cycles using herbs and suppositories. This is part of Eosoma’s three-part method, with checks and balances that help mitigate possible mistakes. We understand that this is one area of your life that making mistakes isn’t an option.

How are you helping people feel empowered?

In the Eosoma method, I teach how to awaken the internal body awareness. Simply put, we unconsciously talk to our bodies and our bodies talk back to us. I teach how innate this action already is. For example, if you are thirsty your body speaks to you by making your mouth dry and you speak back to your body by getting water. I apply this same idea to fertility and teach you how to respond back clearly and decisively in a healthy way. Women will be able to connect to their bodies in a way that is comprehensive, making this method second nature. This is the first step to changing how we connect with our bodies as a society to empower us as women.

Can you share a few examples of how you’ve seen people you’ve helped create choice and become empowered?

A woman who was currently using an IUD and was having problems was incredibly relieved to had an alternative option to hormonal birth control. I had a similar experience 11 years ago. I was taken off of hormonal birth control because of severe side effects like blacking out and heart palpitations. I didn’t have an option other than the rhythm method at that time. Science has proven, this method and all the other tracking methods are vulnerable to honest mistakes. If you have a change in your cycle or you have unprotected sex during your fertile window, you may end up pregnant. In finding a solution for myself, I’ve been able to create choice and empowerment for other women when hormonal methods are not an option.

I remember a woman who declared in one of my workshops she would never be able to tell the exact moment she was ovulating. I told her she could in time with some patience and she adamantly responded that her body was mute and she never knows what was going on with it. So eight months later she was elated when she knew the exact moment she ovulated and was able to double check her charting to confirm it.

Our quarterly theme is modern-day slavery. Why do you think this topic is relevant right now and specifically in the Bay Area?

In the Eosoma method workshop, I focus on this topic, and more specifically the reason we don’t have natural birth control readily available to women anymore. Did you know women living in 14th century Europe had natural birth control?

This relates to modern day slavery because during the witch trials, women delivered babies professionally and used herbs to not conceive. This was to keep the population responsive to famine or bad weather, and women held a lot of control over population growth. Capitalistic societies began to value population expansion which then systematically extinguished these skills. Women’s bodies were marginalized and seen as property. Two hundred years ago, it was legal to rape a woman. Women’s knowledge about birth control made them a target to be marginalized and seen as property. The witch trials were the beginning of this crusade to crush knowledge, thus power from women. The idea of women being slaves even in free society hasn’t been fully rooted out — or at least not until we gain full sovereignty over our bodies. I believe Eosoma will help women to regain this power back.

What’s one thing you think everyone should know about empowering people in our community?

I had no intention to teach anyone this method. I created it for me based off of my nutritional background and my Native American heritage. It took me a really long time to realize that helping yourself is actually helping others if it comes from your heart. If I wasn’t in need of an alternative, I never would have created the Eosoma method. Take a look inside, what is it that you could benefit from and create it, you are talent waiting to be unwrapped. Chances are there are many people who are hungry for what you have learned. You can make a difference.

What should people do if they want to help?

Please reach out on the website www.Eosoma.org to sponsor a woman or attend a workshop. Eosoma has a fund to help subsidize cost for ladies who can’t afford the method. I am also working on a preliminary proposal for a clinical study — please contact me if you’re interested in studying this groundbreaking pregnancy prevention method that empowers women to listen to their bodies.

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