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Good Splits Direct Payments: The User Guide

So, you’re already using Good Splits to split your earnings from your sales reports. Now you can pay your collaborators (and get paid) directly from Good Splits.

Sign up and use Good Spits Payments in 3 easy steps:

1. Invite your Collaborators to create a free Good Splits account.
Everyone sending or receiving payments from Good Splits needs a free Good Splits account with a linked bank account. Make sure each of your collaborators has set up their account and you have access to the email address they used to sign up.

2. Verify your identity and Link a Bank Account
To start using payments, we need two key pieces of additional information: Identify verification to make sure payments are from a real person, and a bank account from which to pull or send funds. You will be able to double check each payment before it is sent! It make take 3–5 business days for your information and bank to be confirmed and verified.

Identify verification includes:
- Your birthdate
- The last four digits of your social security number

Linking a bank account includes:
-Choosing your bank (ie. Bank of America)
-Signing in with your banking credentials (your login for your online account)
-Choosing an account from that bank (like checking or savings)

3. Send a payment!
a) Go to your Payments tab
b) Input a collaborator’s email and the payment you would like to make
c) Click Pay Directly
d) Input any notes you’d like to attach to the payment
e) Confirm* and pay
*When logging in initially or back in for a new session, you may have to enter a code sent to your email so we can confirm it’s you.

How do I know when a Payment has been made?

Payments can take up to five business days to complete as well, but we’ll notify your collaborator when they have been paid.

Plus, you’ll be able to see which payments have been completed in the Payments tab. There are several states of payments: No payments made (with and without a pending invite), Payment Processing, Paid. and Payment Failed.

When the payment is still processing you will see a “Payment Processing” flag on the payment in the Payments Tab.

If a payment fails for some reason, you will see a “Payment Failed” flag on for that payment in the Payments Tab.

If you are receiving payments, you will see your incoming payments on the Received tab.

A payment that has been received.

What kind of payments can I make?

Payments are made to one collaborator at a time, from one upload at a time. For example, if you calculated that Beyonce made $10 from 5 tracks from your September sales data upload, your payment will be for those 5 tracks from September. If she’s owed $20 from your October CSV, you can make a second payment to her for her October earnings.

What does it cost?

It costs a small fee to use Good Splits Payments. You will pay this small fee each time you issue a payment to a collaborator. But we ensured that you’ll never pay more than $15 to send a payment, no matter how big.
This fee is added onto the total payment amount from the sender. Users receiving payments do not pay or see any of the fees.

Our fee structure is based on a range of pricing. All fees are in USD. There is a minimum payment of $1 (If you try pay a collaborator an amount smaller than less than $1 we will round up to $1).

Reference the follow table for all fees:

What if I only need to receive payments?

Even easier. You’ll still need a free Good Splits account. Sign up and make sure whoever wants to pay you has the email address you used for your account. Then link a bank account from your profile, and you’re ready to collect payments. If you don’t need to issue payments, we don’t require you to verify your identity (that means you don’t have to provide your birthday or last four digits of your social security number.)

Once someone has issue you a payment, you’ll get an email that the payment is pending. We’ll send another one when it’s been approved and is in the bank!

Is it safe?

You betcha. We use a third-party payments processing platform called Dwolla to ensure all your banking information and payments are secure and encrypted.

When you sign up for Good Splits payments, you are creating a Dwolla account to send and receive funds. You can read more about their security measures here.

Have any questions? You can live chat with us on our site 10am-6pm ET M-F or find us at




Good Splits is a brand new tool that allows music creators to quickly and easily calculate royalties from aggregator services. Here’s our product wiki.

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