Just A Big Field To Do Drugs In, Really.

A new music festival with no music?

More than 45,000 people turned out for the first annual Cavalcade Folk and Roots Festival a few days ago.

Reportedly offering “something for every type of music lover” the festival holds no live performances of any kind. Held on a farm in the foot hills of eastern Kentucky, the festival is a specifically fenced-off 300-acre pasture in which to get really shit faced on drugs.

“We thought it’d be awesome to host a festival that would attract people from all over the country who just want to kick back and ingest narcotics for 96 hours straight,” said festival organiser Randy Felder. “Cavalcade is all about creating a venue where live music fans can come together, hang out, and do what they love most. Whether you want to toke up, huff, or take a few hits of E, we’ve got you covered.” — Quote taken from The Onion

Now, for many of us ‘music lovers’ we prefer the actual music festivals. Personally I would rather go see some live music than watch a bunch of people work their way through an acid frenzy and deliberate over the majesty of a tree trunk or cringe through my own hallucinatory experience as I am bombarded with interactions from other festival goers on a different trip.

However, I am all for new ideas and rarely hold prejudice against anything as harmless as organised drug-parties. And in that light, why the hell not right?

In any case, organisers have stated that it was a hit and ticket holders flocked in the thousands. How many empty epiphanies long forgotten were born in those hazy four days I wonder?

For a modest fee of $150 you can find out for yourself. According to the organisers, with corporate sponsors like Vitaminwater, Uber, and Belvedere Vodka, they’re able to offer a a pretty sweet festival experience, including a roped-off VIP section where festival goers who purchased $250 premium passes can sit in the shade if their heart rate gets too high or help themselves to complimentary vials of Narcan if they’re actively overdosing.


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