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Bringing Robots into the Real World: Q&A with Peter Stone and Elliott Hauser

Three men stand around a robot on wheels in a robotic labs on the University of Texas at Austin campus.
(Left to right) Computer Science Professor Peter Stone, Assistant Professor Joydeep Biswas and Professor of Practice Justin Hart test a robot in a robotics laboratory at the Anna Hiss Gymnasium at the University of Texas at Austin campus. Photo credit: Callie Richmond

“It’s not just technologists who must play a part in developing AI and addressing these risks but also social scientists.”

Several university professors pose for a photo with three robots.
The “Living and Working with Robots” team includes faculty from Computer Science, Communications Studies, the School of Information, Liberal Arts and others. Photo credit: Callie Richmond

“This allows both students and researchers to see that it can be done in a way that’s good and a way that’s bad. We need those crucibles — test areas to evaluate our methodologies. ‘Living and Working with Robots’ provides that.”

Please join us on this journey.



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Good Systems

We're an interdisciplinary grand challenge team at @UTAustin seeking to ensure that A.I. is designed to be compatible with human values.