Weekly Roundup: Design Edition

I thought this week I would take a bit of a delve into all things that have held my attention in the design space — from my favorite music to listen to during late night logo developments to my biggest inspirations.


Ta-ku. This Australian musician / photographer was a staple of my design playlist since day one. Smooth piano, beautiful vocals, clean beats. It is a perfect example of atmospheric music not being over done, it is exactly what I look for when i just need to chill out. His Instagram is also worth the look (he just released a preset collab with VSCO). I’d start with Love Again ft JMSM and Sango and I Miss You.

The Internet. Presented as Odd Future affiliates their main singer/songwriter/engineer Sydney Bennett and producer Matt Martins have worked with artists like Tyler the Creator and OFWGKTA. The album that won me over Ego Death is some of my favorite R&B out there at the moment. I’d start with Girl and Special Affair.


99% Invisible. This show describes itself as a show “about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.” From biohazard logos to ear protection for military personal this show covers the broadest range of topics imaginable. I often finish one of the bitesized episodes thinking “I never thought I’d care about cassette tapes but they are fascinating!” I’d start with the first episode title that gives you pause.

Highsnobiety Conversations. I mentioned Highsnobiety in my Roundup two weeks ago as a lifestyle website but what I love about the podcast is that it takes on topics that would usually just be a bit of longform content and it brings in industry guests to enrich the stories. Rather than the hosts being the draw in this show it is all about the interesting guests. I’d start with “How to Build a Brand Today”.


Designspiration. I found this site while looking for artist models last year and wow did it deliver. The moment that you open the site you will understand why it’s an instant bookmark. While I’d be aware that just looking at everyone else's work is a sure fire route to not being original, quite a few creative blocks have been loosened up by ideas spotted here.

Code Doodles. I’m not entirely sure how to describe this one because every time I go and look and different pieces I find something absolutely new and original. It is a collection of interactive artworks made by coders that swirl, crackle and float all over the screen. I don’t want to build any more expectations here; you could easily lose an half an hour examining each piece (make sure to fullscreen it!)


STE Bradbury. My favorite designer on YouTube he specializes in hand lettering, producing speed art videos that make me drool. There is something about his style that I think is truly beautiful and now he is putting out more and more content I can 100% see his channel exploding.

Mt MoGraph. This is the top its class when it comes to learning motion graphics on YouTube. Matt Jylkka subscribes to the mantra and knowledge should be free and as such has created a channel pack full of the highest quality tutorials. If you’ve ever wanted to scratch that motion graphics urge but are completely intimidated by the complexity of programmes like After Effects, let Matt be your guide.


The Typography of ‘Stranger Things’ by Sarah Gless. I love the way that this article looks at the Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things just off the merits of its opening sequence. I can totally relate to something small grabbing my attention and just being so amazing that utterly draws me into the world around it. A great analysis of a great piece of typography.

How the Embroidered Patch Went From Function to Fashion. Ever since a denim shirt entered my wardrobe I’ve been looking for ways to spruce it up whether with prints, pins or patches. As such this jumped out to me when I was doing my morning reading. I have never thought about the history behind these fashion movements but the more you know the more meaningful each patch becomes.

My //design// playlist on Spotify is packed with other gems if you’re in need of fresh beats. If you enjoyed the read remember to drop a recommend! You can find me @hugojastewart everywhere.