GTL Team
GTL Team
Feb 15, 2018 · 3 min read

Nice to finally meet you!

Here are the first monthly highlights of our research on the frontiers of technology, entrepreneurship and finance, where pioneers tackle the world’s biggest challenges. We hope you like it!

First, a recap: what is Good Tech Lab all about? In our first medium post, Ben explains the story and themes behind our research initiative.


We attended inspiring events in the past months. At MIT Solve Finals in NYC, we saw urban farming containers from Nigeria, and apps to get women and disadvantaged kids into coding.

At the Singularity University Demo Faire, we saw desert greening technology, and a startup using AI and bioinformatics to digitize the Amazon’s biodiversity.

At SynBioBeta we could feel synthetic biology’s momentum: dozens of startups aim to produce meat, milk, fish or leather without animals. Others aim to recycle the un-recyclable (plastic bags) or to fight antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Our kick-ass partners have been busy: MakeSense started a new program on emerging technologies for the global goals, while TheCamp opened their campus for positive innovation in the beautiful nature of southern France. Pay them a visit! 👇🏼

More readings: Scaling Impact Science (SSIR); How VR will change education; and how the blockchain can help the UN achieve the SDGs (ConsenSys).


Peak ICO? Blockchain ventures raised $1.5B in 2017 by issuing their own cryptocurrencies, in “Initial Coin Offering”. This funding model promises hefty returns but raises serious questions on ethics and governance, as illustrated by the recent Tezos case. Meanwhile, UNICEF is considering to launch their own ICO.

The Rise of Giga-Funds: a NYT piece about SoftBank’s $100B fund investing in the machine/data economy. Are we heading toward mass centralization of the gains?

The Future of Impact Investing: SOCAP turned 10 and the GIIN CEO forsees a bright future to come while highlighting challenges, such as overcoming the idea that impact means sacrificing returns. Plus: five key trends to watch.

Equity is not the only way: There is also revenue/profit share agreements. See how Village Capital and are adopting this model.


We connected with a few “Impact Tech” accelerators:

In London, the European pioneer Bethnal Green Ventures has backed ventures like Fairphone and Andiamo since 2011. And the new Zinc just opened its first cohort around women’s emotional and mental health.

In the USA, pioneer Unreasonable supports growth-stage impact startups through immersive CEO bootcamps. The PeaceTech Accelerator focuses on tech for peacekeeping (tackling corruption, food & water scarcity, gender violence, etc). And TechStars launched their own Impact Accelerator.

In Paris, Station F made headlines by opening the world’s biggest startup campus: they also launched a Tech For Good program with Ashoka.

Also worth the read: the last Global Accelerator Report shows that most accelerators now do not bank on exits anymore (full report here).


Oct 26–27 in Paris — Hello Tomorrow welcomes a community of changemakers pioneering scientific innovation for a purpose. Use the promo code GTL for a reduction on your ticket. More info | Buy ticket

That’s all for today, folks!
See you next month. ;)

Cheers! 🍻
The Good Tech Lab Team

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Good Tech Lab

We are a research and innovation firm focused on the moonshots of the 21st century — reversing climate change while ensuring people and nature thrive. Read our first report on

GTL Team

Written by

GTL Team

Exploring the frontiers of technology, entrepreneurship and venture funding, where pioneers tackle the world’s biggest challenges. 🌍

Good Tech Lab

We are a research and innovation firm focused on the moonshots of the 21st century — reversing climate change while ensuring people and nature thrive. Read our first report on

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