Missions — Jan 2018 — Go

This month I’ve put together a new set of missions to tackle. It’s my new thing and I like it.

As defined in my previous post, each ‘mission’ is a simple task or challenge to be completed every single day in a given calendar month.

The Missions

Every day in January I will:

  1. Wake up at 5:41am. Why 5:41am? My wife gets up at 5:40am 4 days a week to get ready for her commute to work so I just get up at the same time as her. Any earlier and I’d shorten her sleep time…not something she appreciates :). I’m going to keep this up every day (even weekends) like I did in December.
  2. Go for a long walk after getting up. Again, I did this mission in December and I found it a really positive way to start the day. I’ve modified my route for January (for simplicity) and it will be slightly longer.
  3. Do 30 push-ups. Increased this slightly from the 25 I set in December. I’m starting off with 21 full push-ups (and 9 knee push-ups) with the aim to slowly ramp up to 30 full push-ups by the end of January. I want to work on technique and volume per set before working on adding to the daily total.
  4. Complete all 3 activity rings on my Apple Watch. Another mission from December that I’m going to keep doing. The settings for each ring are the same as last month.
  5. Read a physical book for at least 30mins. My reading was a bit haphazard in 2017 although a huge improvement over previous years. It’s now time to make it a regular practice.
  6. Capture a family-based photo. I’ve created a photo-a-day app (Collect) but don’t always get into the habit of regularly taking photos. During January I’ll be around family every day so this is one I should be able to do. Goal will be at least one photo that is based around a ‘family’ theme (although novelty every day isn’t a requirement).
  7. Add photos to Collect by 9:00pm. Even though I encourage users of Collect to keep up-to-date (and avoid the dreaded backlog of photos to add) I continue to struggle with this as well. In January I want to add any photos (with journaling) from that day before going to bed every night.

Although there are now 7 missions to keep track of they all feel achievable (which is kind of the point). Let’s go.

‘Missions’ is a special project I started in December 2017. Little daily challenges, completed every month. Here’s what I’ve done: