An Angry Bird Forced Me to Reevaluate My Negative Thinking

But first, he crapped all over my kids’ slide

Kendra Sparkles
Good Vibes Club


Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

Tap Tap TapTapTap Tap

“What is that?” I asked, circling the house in search of the source of the incessant noise. After making sure my daughters hadn’t decided to do some home renovations with a hammer again, I stopped at the kitchen window and gazed out at a beautiful bird looking in.

I smiled and leaned closer to admire the blue and brown coloring of my new friend. I then watched as he flew off into the distance, looped back around, and pecked at the window in front of me. I had found the tapping culprit.

My children and I watched in amusement as the bird did this repeatedly. Pecking at the window, flying away only to return seconds later to peck again. My daughters got a kick out of the “silly birdie” which they named Blippi.

Kids are so original.

I wondered how silly they’d find Blippi when they realized he was leaving soupy white presents dripping down the slide of their outdoor play set. My husband commented that Blippi “wasn’t the smartest bird” and noted that he must think his reflection is his mortal enemy.

Everyone soon lost interest in the angry little bird and went on with their day. My husband went to “fix…