The Sizzling Fantasy Hubby and I Share

A Steamy Fantasy for Seniors

Deb Palmer
Good Vibes Club
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3 min readJun 1, 2024


Our Bedroom Door — Photo by Author

I’ve heard it’s healthy for couples to fantasize together. Our dream is not common, at least I doubt it. Yet, I’m confident most everyone will lust for it.

It usually occurs late at night while lying next to each other in bed. If I’m honest, I always initiate. Once the thought is introduced, we explore the potential ecstasies possible. With eyes glazed over, we speak in breathy tones, excavating the potential limitless pleasures.

Before the fantasy lightbulb appears above our heads, the foreplay conversation takes place.

Me: I’m hungry.

Hubby: What’s new?

Me: Like you’re not!

Hubby: A sandwich sounds good.

Me: Doesn’t it?

Since we are both aware we should not eat sandwiches, cookies, or ice cream in bed, we won’t expend the energy to do something we’re trying not to do.

Does that make sense?

If a lovely tray of cookies magically appeared, we’d devour them like wild dogs. That level of temptation is okay to succumb to, but getting out of bed, walking downstairs to forage for food, is like sending an invitation to a stalker.



Deb Palmer
Good Vibes Club

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