Hilarious and down-played from Skoda

‘Who Steals’ from Stink’s Tom Green

A wonderfully different approach from Skoda and Tom Green, unashamedly working with what they’ve got.

The Czech cars have long been the butt of automobile banter. And despite their actually-quite-impressive performance in reality, the more you fight a joke, the funnier and funnier it becomes… as every ginger kid knows.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Then sock ’em when they’re not looking with a killer last punch like that one.

The writing is clever and brave. The first mention of the brand is mocking and late in the plot; the second, suggesting Skoda might have won some industry awards, is immediately called into question. When we cut, immediately after, you can’t help but feel that Skoda is perhaps not as bad as you thought — clearly the intention.

It’s shot with a beautiful realism and grit. Unmistakably British in style and certainly in character.

Tom’s other work includes the thought-provoking ‘The Most Shocking Second a Day’ for Save the Children’s #SaveChildRefugees campaign.

Here’s Tom’s bio from Stink’s site

Tom’s work is often emotive, character driven and cinematic in style. His credits include MISFITS, the supernatural comedy-drama series for E4/Channel 4, BLACKOUT for BBC1 drama starring Christopher Ecclestone and his award winning short film ‘Brixton 85’. Tom’s most recent project is his debut feature Monsters: Dark Continent, the follow up to the cult hit ‘Monsters’, the film will see its general release in 2015. Tom’s work has seen him garner accolades from a number of awarding bodies including The Royal Television Society for ‘Brixton 85’ and the Kodak Best Student Film Award for his short ‘Kid’. Also notable are his awards with TV series Blackout which won the BSC and RTS for cinematography and a BAFTA nomination for cinematography.


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