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My experiments with the evolutionary dynamics of sexual selection

A blog from GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa.


  • I am currently working on a Badger architecture that has no outer-loop, only one infinite inner-loop
  • New building blocks are supposed to emerge from the interaction of existing building blocks, where the initial building blocks are predefined
  • My first step was to experiment with sexual selection
  • The second step will be to experiment with memetic evolution


A few months ago I decided to start doing my own experiments on our GoodAI Badger architecture.

My initial motivation was that I really miss programming, and being able to just build stuff with my own hands. A secondary motivation is that I have an intuition about what I think our end-goal would look like, and the best way to explain it is by building prototypes.

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Originally published at on January 11, 2021.



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