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50000 people applied to “crypto utopia” citizenship NFT— the choice to escape from meaningless life

Recently, a project called Satoshi Island has attracted the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. Unlike the well-known crypto land or other crypto projects on the blockchain, Satoshi Island citizenship NFT holders owe the permanent residence right of the actual land.

According to GoodData’s research, the naming of Satoshi Island is inspired by the creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a 32-million-square-foot private island in Vanuatu. Satoshi Island is established to build a “place for the crypto community to call home” based on DAO where everything will be paid for in crypto, all ownership on the island is represented with NFTs. At present, Satoshi Island has received 50K citizenship NFT applications.

Why is Satoshi Island so popular? GoodData believes that the main reason is the ideal governance model of DAO.

Since the covid-19 pandemic, the relationship between people and work is changing, and more people begin to pursue flexible work. DAO is a digital world organization based on blockchain technology, which is jointly managed by organization members. Compared with the disadvantages of centralized decision-making power, fixed time and place and discrimination in traditional work, DAO is more democratic, free and open, and the distribution of interests is more equitable. People can not only make money by working in DAO, but also freely express their ideas and may be adopted and implemented. Every effort is for the development of the whole organization, and every member is the owner of the organization. For the detailed introduction of DAO, you can check our previous articles.

It can be seen that if Satoshi Island adopts DAO as the operation tool, we may witness the birth of a real utopia. However, it is worth mentioning that DAO is still in the early stage of development. Although the chain governance is relatively mature, whether running a city with more than 20000 people with DAO can challenge centralized political governance for thousands of years remains to be verified. If you are in doubt, the DAO platform of GoodData will be launched soon, you can earn a real return by participating in the activity with GoodData anywhere.




A next-gen Metaverse-ready, secure decentralized platform that unearths the real value of NFTs via our multi-role NFT “Cyborg-Goody”.

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