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Can blockchain really solve the current issue of data security?

Issue of data privacy protection while sharing data

  • Data privacy

In 1994, Kevin Kelly pointed out in his bookOut of Control’ that the Internet is not centralized but a decentralized network that produces the necessary intelligence.

Over the past two decades, although the Internet has now become a public resource, centralized management and operation have brought many dangers to current life. Words such as data security, data leakage and data monopoly appear more and more frequently.

We seem to entered into an era dominated by Big Data.

  • Data sharing

The development of civilization is inseparable from collaboration and communication, and the emergence of the Internet seems to have greatly impacted human development. The advent of the era of big data tells people that only a true open Internet and flow of data in society can bring the greatest value of the Internet and data.

How to realize the free circulation of data under the premise of ensuring data security is a major problem that needs to be solved urgently on the Internet. The development of blockchain technology provides a solution to this problem.

Blockchain promotes the marketization of data assets

During the development of the Internet for more than two decades, data has become a new factor of production, and data marketization is an inevitable trend. Thus, verification of data ownership is a prerequisite for data marketization.

A sound data ownership system can effectively stimulate the vitality of the market and enhance the sustainability of economic development.

Blockchain technology has the characteristics of openness, transparency and non-tampering. It is naturally suitable for confirmation of data ownership and asset flow.

As an intelligent and trusted platform for data transactions, blockchain can register, confirm, and trade data on the chain, and realize data circulation and commercial applications through smart contracts.

Blockchain realizes the value flow of data assets

Confirming data ownership based on digital identities and linking digital identities with behavioral data will be the new model of the Internet in the future. On the GoodData platform, we can clearly see the practical application of this model. Cyborg-Goody, , is an innovative data-NFT. Different From other normal NFTs, it is a combination of digital data as well as human behaviors.

Through Cyborg-Goody, the GoodData blockchain allows users to “truly own” — control their own data, share data under authorization, and further monetize shared data under GoodData’s secured mechanism..

Data encryption is also important for data flow. GoodData uses encryption computation technologies which have been mathematically proved, such as multi-party computation and differential privacy to prevent the original data from being exposed during data federation. Data value circulation under privacy protection is guaranteed.

Blockchain technology solves the most important data ownership confirmation and data asset management problems in data marketization. According to the historical statistics, the medical and health industry will benefit the most, because it will solve the problems that have plagued the medical field for many years — the privacy and security of the medical and health data.

GoodData provides a feasible “data privacy” solution for all the industries. It is completely transparent but protects users’ privacy. At the beginning, GoodData will start with sleep data to encourage users to anonymously share their sleep data under the GoodData incentive ecosystem, so as to help users to experience how data can be shared and monetized on a chain safely.


Undoubtedly, in the near future, we will see the flow of many kinds of data assets in the GoodData ecosystem. When more and more data assets can be truly managed and beneficial by users themselves, the web 3.0 era is establishing.

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