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companies are so eager to obtain user data. How valuable is the data?

Recently, Apple users discovered the function of App Privacy Report after the iOS 15 system update. This feature allows users to know App behaviors that originally existed in the code. After testing by some users, it was found that some apps repeatedly read user photo albums in the background.

Album data is an easily overlooked data. Album data needs low permission relatively. At the same time, some of our sensitive information is often stored in photo albums, such as pictures sent and received through social software, screenshots of video phones, and some users even save their ID photos.

In addition to photo album data, user behavior data, financial data, etc. are important resources that companies are vying to seek. If possible, all companies will do everything possible to collect and analyze the information of each customer in each region, and then set the most profitable price for them. However, most traditional companies do not have the ability to collect so much data.

The Internet is the easiest way to obtain user data. The Internet platform can monitor the user’s behavior trajectory on the platform in real time without the user’s knowledge, and implement differentiated pricing for the purchase decisions of different users through big data technology.

Internet platforms do not pay due costs when using big data for profit, which is unfair to ordinary users and the entire social and economic system. The most important factor leading to this result is the ownership of the data.

In the current Internet environment, data is often monopolized in the hands of some tech giants. In order to obtain services, users have to transfer personal information to the platform. In recent years, as information security laws and regulations have become more and more complete, many companies have also begun to seek new ways. The development of blockchain technology has brought opportunities for data economy and artificial intelligence.

In a distributed network, data personal property rights can promote the development of a more fair artificial intelligence. Internet companies, smart-driving car manufacturers, medical institutions, biopharmaceutical companies, etc., can obtain computation rights for user data in the form of authorization and transactions in distributed networks. In the environment of blockchain and privacy computation technology, this process can be guaranteed to be encrypted and safe.

The GoodData blockchain is a platform dedicated to solving data privacy and data value discovery. In order to realize data value mining, GoodData mainly uses blockchain technology, differential privacy, secure multi-party computation and other technologies. Secure multi-party computation can realize intelligent applications such as private query and federated computation under the premise that each organization does not trust each other. Homomorphic encryption allows us to perform operations on the encrypted ciphertext, and the result after decryption is equal to the result of the same operation on the plaintext. Blockchain can guarantee the openness and transparency of the calculation process and cannot be tampered with.

Through the GoodData blockchain, while ensuring the fair distribution of the interests of data owners and data users, the value of data can be continuously increased, which provides more favorable conditions for the development of artificial intelligence and is a bright future for the economic and efficient development of data. the road.

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