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Cyborg-Goody Made its Grand Debut on the NFT.NYC!

On November 1, the annual NFT.NYC took place as scheduled in New York City, bringing together over 500 speakers from the crypto, blockchain, and NFT communities. The team of GDF has arrived at the site and had in-depth communications with the participants. At the event, GDF will introduce the highly anticipated Cyborg-Goody to people for the first time.

The NFT.NYC, which started in 2019, is currently the largest NFT conference in the world, which aims to bring together those curious about blockchain and NFT industry leaders, influencers, developers and NFT enthusiasts. It is the most gathering activity in the NFT community. During the NFT NYC in February 2020, NFL and NBA members achieved a consensus about NFT and carried out a cooperation. Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties, launched the token driven NBA TopShot.

In the conference, Cyborg-Goody, which can be seen everywhere, was loved and curious by many participants. The GDF team kindly introduced the mission of Cyborg-Goody: protecting data privacy and unearthing data value. “Data is one of the most precious wealth of mankind in the 21st century. However, the current data is faced with problems such as information isolation and data leakage, so that the value of data cannot be truly released. Blockchain has the characteristics of openness, transparency, non-tampering and traceability, which provides a safe and reliable environment for data value release, and blockchain-based NFT is naturally suitable for confirming rights as a digital proof. Cyborg-Goody is not only an art collection, but also a digital identity in the metaverse. It can completely map a real person’s relationship with the world to the metaverse in the form of NFT. In the metaverse, data will belong to the digital identity we created as an individual asset. “The GDF team said.

GDF is a non-profit organization dedicated to data value mining. In the process of exploring the release of data value, the GDF team has long focused on blockchain technology and privacy computation. So far, a large number of patent applications have been submitted, successfully breaking through a series of key technologies such as privacy computation and distributed storage. At this conference, GDF will also share the latest blockchain technology issues with all participants and disseminate the important role of NFT in solving practical problems.

The NFT NYC will last until November 4. In the next few days, we will continue to report the progress of the conference. You can get relevant information in time by subscribing to our channel.

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