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DAO enables everyone to make profits in the metaverse.GoodData makes “sleep” a valuable investment

Today, the highly anticipated decentralized application GooD Sleep is officially launched! The DAO-based cooperative operation mechanisms of GooD Sleep allows everyone to make profits in the metaverse.

GoodData is a secure Metaverse-ready decentralized platform, connecting with massive data, utilizing NFT as the medium of asset mapping and value transfer, and giving the birth of the virtual character “Cyborg-Goody” to enter into the digital metaverse. It solves the problems such as the separation of virtual and physical worlds, identity verification, data security, and good experience, and provides a feasible and efficient valuable channel for people to experience the metaverse.

At the same time, as a virtual world parallel to the real world, the metaverse contains life, learning, creation, entertainment, economic activities, etc. As a huge digital world must have a large number of procedural rules, the formulation and implementation of governance is another key issue for the development of the metaverse.

Through GooD Sleep, it usesDAO governance to form a huge data network based on encryption protocol. These networks provide new methods to coordinate, measure and reward the complex metaverse ecosystem, opening new potential revenue-generating opportunities for global players,leading to an increasing shift in value capture from “project sharing” to “personal resource sharing” in the metaverse.

DAO is the foundation for GoodData Metaverse

The metaverse needs better mechanisms to keep virtual worlds running fairly, such as waste of resources and unequal distribution of wealth. Who will make the rules of the metaverse? How to enforce the rules of the metaverse? If the Metaverse builders can block content at will, modify the rules at will, or even stop the service and cancel accounts, and adjust rules according to the company’s preferences, then the credibility of the long-term development will eventually be lost.

GoodData introduces DAO governance for virtual space activities.

The concept of DAO was first proposed by American writer Ori Brafman in a book called “the starfish and the spider”.

DAO, Decentralized Autonomous Organization, refers to a distributed organization constrained by smart contracts to jointly create, acquire and distribute community value under a common mission. Everyone can participate in governance and decision-making of DAO without hierarchical management to provide an economic and social system that replaces traditional centralization and achieve decentralized resource allocation with community missions.

DAO has characteristics of information transparency, token incentives, open source code, community autonomy, participants have ownership of the organization, and openness.

In the pure virtual space of the metaverse like GoodData, the value of DAO can be truly displayed. Take its newly released application GooD Sleep as an example, no matter where you are and when you share sleep idle data, you can join GoodData (DAO) and get incentives and rewards. People who do not know each other can participate in the GooD Sleep application to quickly form a decentralized organization (DAO) with strong communication power without 3rd party review. various resources are distributed fairly in GooD Sleep according to member’s contributions, which fully reflects the characteristics of DAO’s openness, autonomous interaction, decentralized control, complexity and diversity.

GoodData is a ture DAO-driven project by community/participants. The scale of the organization is independently grown by users, and the big data network is formed by the contributions of users, each of which is driven by its own goals. Even the pricing power of reward (tokens) is handed over to participants. GooD Sleep realizes large-scale collaboration among unfamiliar users, and the strong trust foundation built will be the main guarantee for the efficiency and transparency of GoodData’s parallel time and space.

DAOs offers freedom in distributed “work”

Many people would feel that they need to be a expert or developer to join the DAO, but this is not the case. DAOs can acquire people with a wide range of skills and knowledge, such as writers, graphic designers, marketers, software developers, translators, artists, videographers, community leaders, etc. Therefore, even if you are a novice, you can still find opportunities in the DAO ecosystem.

From the service level, GoodData is a data-DAO. GooD Sleep is tied to the sleep hours that everyone has, there are no barriers to participation. Anyone can easily become a member of the organization anywhere. The whole process is not connected by complicated personnel systems or centralized databases, but data-DAO.

From an organizational perspective, GooD Sleep can be seen as a “programmable” organization (DAO) that can achieve consensus with everyone to sleep (share) better to achieve their health goals. The obvious difference between GooD Sleep and other DAOs is that it does not require any additional work or prior commitment.

  • To join GooD Sleep does not need any interview or application, and can participate directly according to the transparent and uniform rules
  • There is no boss in the DAO to checks the work results, but the market itself directly (data sharing)
  • In addition to instant rewards (daily rewards or tokens), you also have future revenue and decision-making rights

GooD Sleep frees up time and generates various incomes

As an open ecosystem,DAO will drive a model of “X-to-earn” trends. Ie, gaming and learning can bring profits, which will make work more flexible, smoother, and more fun than the usual work we are used to. But for most DAOs, it still requires a considerable amount of effort or work in order to get a corresponding return.

GoodData transforms the working method into “sharing”, which will further release the user’s time and provide the possibility to generate future income more flexibly. It costs extremely little time to share sleep data in GooD Sleep. Share-to-earn doesn’t take your time away from your essential work or other DAOs, enabling multiple organizations (including multiple DAOs) to mix and match different revenue and returns on ownership.

DAO turns “share” into investments

Every minute invested in the DAO collaborator brings a value (you can cash in the market immediately) and a bonus right for project growth (holding income and decision-making power, which will grow with the project’s development).

GooD Sleep turns sleep into an investment, further eliminating the user’s time limit for making money. Income generation no longer depends on work. In this DAO investment, you don’t need to work, but just need to share to get a long-term potential return.

The GooD Sleep on-chain reputation system will monitor the work behavior at the DAO: data contributions, sharing history, token holdings, and more, which will be used to predict our future actions to determine who is trustworthy and consistent. The better the reputation contribution or record in the GoodData metaverse, the higher the long-term returns he/she will have.

Invest in DAO without investing money, “sleep to win” in the Metaverse

GoodData uses data sharing to create revenue opportunities for users, building a metaverse space-time through the power of decentralized networks and people’s collective intelligence, which has incredible potential. GoodData starts with idle data to open up the door between the physical world and the metaverse, making use of NFT’s rarity, distinction, easy circulation and other characteristics to make asset confirmation and value transfer in the virtual world simple and smooth. It uses “Cyborg-Goody” and other virtual characters to achieve digital life reproduction and grows by itself. With the help of DAO governance mechanism and reputation system to determine who to allocate resources to, so as to avoid elite monopoly, creating a metaverse space of fairness and health for people.

Starting from GooD Sleep, GoodData introduced the pure DAO governance model into the metaverse, laying a trust foundation for a long-term community co-construction and shared value ecosystem. For those who are interested, they can participate in it through the GoodData Elite Ambassador Program (Traveler, Helios, Parker) to obtain exlcusive incentives such as NFT and rewards. On the basis of sharing, participating in the investment DAO of GooD Sleep, the opportunity and rewards will be more obvious. The non-exclusivity of this DAO allows users to mix and match different revenue streams and ownership rewards, which can get really interesting.





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