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Future of NFT: from luxury to daily life

With the emergence of the digital world, people can easily access other people’s personal data and copy other people’s avatars on social networks. All content can be copied and distributed for free. The emergence of NFT solved this problem.

NFT,which is based on technology, redefines ownership. It completes the transformation from tangible assets to digital assets and helps creators create another kind of value through their works and make real profits from it.

In 2021, world famous brands such as Coca Cola, NBA and LV set foot in NFT one after another. These companies have adopted different forms to enter the NFT industry, but the ultimate goal is mostly the same: to adapt to the changes of the market. However, this is not enough to promote the real mainstreaming of NFT, because its impact is still limited to a small group and does not really let NFT enter people’s daily life.

GoodData believes that the future development of NFT must be closely related to daily life, such as our articles and photos published on social networking sites, and even our personal data left in the network.

In recent years, countries around the world have paid more and more attention to Internet data. How to increase the mobility of data while ensuring the privacy and security of users and giving full play to the value of data is the main problem facing the Internet. In this regard, GoodData combines NFT and data under a private computing environment, which skillfully solves the above problems.

In GoodData ‘s project GooD Sleep, users can get platform rewards by sharing their sleep data. At the same time, GoodData has specially created a unique data NFT — Cyborg Goody, which connects data with NFT by code, and the value of NFT is finally reflected in the data behind the NFT. In the privacy computing technology environment, GoodData ensures that the raw data of Cyborg Goody NFT holders will be hidden, and increases the availability of data.

GoodData said that data NFT cyborg-goody can not only change the flow and ownership confirmation of data, but also change the use of data in society, bringing a new way of survival to the whole Internet industry.




A next-gen Metaverse-ready, secure decentralized platform that unearths the real value of NFTs via our multi-role NFT “Cyborg-Goody”.

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