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【GooD $leep】DApp is about to launch!- Let’s see how to “share-to-earn”!

What is [GooD $leep]?

[GooD $leep] is GoodData’s first DApp that’s planning to be officially launched globally next week. All users can download and install it in the mobile app store to participate.

[GooD $leep] use “share-to-earn” model to encourage users to share their idle data by giving rewards for better use. In the environment of data encryption and distributed storage, [GooD $leep] ensures the security of all data, so as to make data “available but invisible”.

More and more data has been accumulated on the internet. However, due to technical thresholds and privacy security, the current data faces a lot of issues such as data abuse, privacy leakage,information isolation, and so on. It is also difficult to realize the true value of data.

GoodData offers a safe and environment for data usage and federation by combining blockchain, privacy protection, multi-parties computation and distributed storage technologies together.

Starting from the simplest “idle” sleep data, GoodData has developed a blockchain-based decentralized application [GooD $leep], breaking a new ground for data tokenization.

How to use [GooD $leep] to “share-to-earn”

As a blockchain-based DApp, you only need to connect your wallet to register, and authorize to share your sleep data under privacy protection. Just that easy! Now, you can be “earning while sleeping”.

According to the [GooD $leep] reward rules, users can get a certain amount of rewards for each data they check-in to share daily.

To celebrate the official launch, there will be more promotional rewards: within the first 24 hours after launch, each data will get 20 rewards!

The reward rules in details are as follows:

Don’t forget — the earlier you join, the more rewards you will get!

In addition, our ambassador program is ongoing! FREE NFT and MORE REWARDS are waiting for you! Click here for event details.






A next-gen Metaverse-ready, secure decentralized platform that unearths the real value of NFTs via our multi-role NFT “Cyborg-Goody”.

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