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GoodData “Ambassador” is wanted!
More benefits and more rewards!

As the first decentralized platform to help users realize the true ownership of data, GoodData is aiming to tokenize personal data through privacy protection under data federation.

In a few days, GoodData will launch its first DApp [GooD $leep], which will encourage users to share their idle sleep data for better use through a reward mechanism, to better realize the flow of data value.

Before its official launch, GoodData is having a special “Ambassador” event now, to give more benefits, such as FREE NFT and extra rewards to their elected ambassadors, so to appreciate their supports with long-time contribution

You can now apply here and become one of our elite ambassadors!

(Effective time: 1/10/2022 till 6/30/2022)

Details of the event:

Application Rule: New applicants or current ambassadors will need to submit your evidence every two weeks (by 15th and 28th) for the previous two-weeks’ contribution.


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