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Metaverse: The Next Big Thing And The Way Of Life In The Future

Nowadays, the attention of the metaverse is rising sharply all over the world. The metaverse combines the real world with the digital world, becoming the new way of human life and reshaping the digital economic system. The potential and value of the metaverse will beyond our imagination.

Why focus on the metaverse?

Metaverse is expected to become the next stage forthe development of the Internet industry. At present, mobile Internet advantage is gradually fading, and antitrust supervision is becoming more and more rigorous. Thus , many Unicorn enterprises such as Google, Facebook, Tencent and Samsung have begun to accumulate strength to layout the metaverse. Recently, the South Korean government also proposed to invest and support the development of metaverse. The ROK government expects to invest a total of 280 billion dollars in metaverse by 2025. Metaverse is not only the next generation of the Internet, but also the way of human life in the future. They have turned their eyes to the foreseeable future.

What does the universe bring us?

Before answering the question, let’s have a brief understanding: what is the metaverse? Metaverse is the virtual universe beyond reality. Metaverse combines reality and virtualization to create a digital world in social, economic, cultural and other fields.

In the metaverse, we can transmit our consciousness to a virtual world, where we determine our identity and appearance. We can have leisure and entertainment, such as games, social networking, shopping, etc. we can also work and negotiate business cooperation to make money. Everyone in this world is not just a spectator of the world, but a participant completely in it. Our vision, hearing, touch and smell are almost the same as those in the real world. The ultimate form of “metaverse” is the complete mapping of the real world.

In this metaverse, everything can be made to NFT. NFT is non-fungible, which provides infrastructure for the birth, ownership, pricing and circulation of digital assets in the metaverse. GoodData believes that NFT is not only applied to games, works of art, collections, identity features and virtual assets, but also will continue to be derived to finance, personal data and other fields, thus bringing us more digital asset forms and economic systems.

The metaverse will bring unimaginable value and potential

Metaverse combines the real world with the digital world, which perceives and interacts with each other, inevitably giving birth to a large amount of data, so as to lead to the explosion of data. There is no doubt that distributed storage (IPFS) can support the data storage of metaverse. Compared with traditional centralized storage, IPFS reduces the risk of data loss, tampering, or disclosure caused by centralized storage.

As a decentralized storage system, GDFS (GoodData file system) is a more efficient cloud storage based on IPFS and blockchain and a region-aware distributed storage file system. Compared with IPFS, GDFS ensures the reliability, availability and durability of data storage through multiple data backups. At the same time, according to the region-aware, storage resources can be allocated nearby to coordinate data storage more effectively.

The development of metaverse is inseparable from blockchain technology because it is an essential technology to support identity and ensure public credibility. The decentralization of blockchain can promote the unity of the whole metaverse system and the liquidity of the digital economic system.

GoodData firmly believes that the digital existence of mankind will eventually become an inevitable trend. In the future, people’s life, entertainment, education, medical treatment, and other industries will continue to be digitized. The establishment of metaverse will bring rich digital scenes and digital assets, further promote the mutual mapping of the metaverse from real to virtual and from virtual to real, accelerating the implementation of the metaverse digital economic system.

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