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More than 30% of people can’t sleep well, while some people are earning from sleeping ?!

One third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and sleep quality is one of the most important factors for health. However, according to relevant data analysis, more than 30% of people in the world have sleep disorders in varying degrees, and insomnia has become a global issue.

Poor sleep quality will not only reduce the quality of life, but may also cause physical or mental diseases such as metabolic system diseases and depression, which is an important issue that endangers public health.

At present, clinical sleep medicine, which focuses on the study of sleep problems, has gradually developed from the cross-integration of various disciplines to independent disciplines, and uses biomedical engineering technology and big data to conduct sleep medicine research. The method of analyzing sleep data enables clinicians to achieve good results in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Today, sleep data has become an important part of sleep science.

The big data obtained from sleep monitoring has important applications in the field of sleep disease diagnosis, but there is still a lack of sufficient sleep data.

GoodData’s first launched Dapp — [Good Sleep]solves this problem. On the premise of protecting user data privacy, it gives rewards to encourage users to share data, so as to realize the true value of their data.

In recent years, smart devices have stored a large amount of health data. GoodData believes, once these data are used in medical and health research, they will surely release huge value.

[Good Sleep] Dapp is a data value sharing application based on blockchain technology. On [Good Sleep] platform, users can share and store their sleep data in the distributed storage system GDFS (GoodData File System) under the premise of data security. As an incentive, every time users submit their own sleep data, they can get rewards, and if their data is used by other institutions without privacy leakage concerns, they can also get part of the rewards from the service fees, which retrieve the true value of data back to data owners themselves.

In terms of solving data privacy security, [Good Sleep] uses different privacy technology to encrypt user data. The data submitted by the user is stored in GDFS, and unless the user authorizes it, no one can access their data. When data needs to be used by researchers, [Good Sleep] will provide a secure computation environment, and use secret sharing, machine learning, secure multi-party computation and other privacy computation technologies to make sure the data can be used but invisible.

[Good Sleep] Dapp can not only help the medical and health field to obtain more valid and comprehensive sleep data, but also allow data to exert greater value under the authorization by data owners, which is an important channel for the safe sharing of data value.

In the next few days, [Good Sleep] Dapp will be launched simultaneously in major application stores. — What are you waiting for? Start your “earning while sleeping” now!

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