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NFT: make invisible wealth “valuable”

On October 12, TikTok’s NFT series TikTok Top Moments officially started for auction. On September 28, TikTok revealed that it would launch an NFT series that would display six TikTok videos from its most influential creators to celebrate their contribution to helping it become one of the world’s largest social media platforms. Sales revenue will belong to creators and NFT artists.

Since the beginning of 2021, NFT has suddenly taken over the globe. Opensea, the largest NFT market, has experienced a 100 times sales growth in half a year. In addition to investment value, the explosion of NFT makes more people realize that NFT is changing the way we measure the value of ownership.

This year, almost all Internet giants have launched their own NFT projects. According to Mada Aflak, Twitter’s senior software engineer, the platform is developing a function that allows users to import their NFT collections from wallets on the blockchain. This function will perform NFT verification and display the authentication mark according to the blockchain.

For ordinary people, if you want to use a favorite picture as the avatar of social software, you just need to save and upload the picture to your personal home page. Due to the explosion of NFT, an NFT avatar like CryptoPunks is often worth tens of millions of dollars. Although NFT can be easily verified on the blockchain, the content represented by NFT can be easily copied. Buyers who buy NFT avatars do not enjoy unique treatment. Twitter’s NFT authentication function effectively solves this problem.

In the research on data value mining, GDF found that an important factor in the undervaluation of data as an asset is the problem of data ownership, and NFT will be the most favorable tool for data ownership verification and data monetization in the future.

With the continuous integration of our real-life and digital avatar, your identity in the virtual world will be as effective as your identity in the real world.

Metaverse is another popular concept after NFT this year. GDF(Good Data Foundation) believes that in order to completely build the metaverse, data ownership and data security will be a necessary link, and NFT will flow and trade in the metaverse as the ownership certificate of various data.

GoodData of GDF is a blockchain platform that provides professional technical services for data security and data monetization. Through utilizing data privacy computation and distributed storage, combined with blockchain technology, GoodData can realize data security sharing, so as to release the value of data and enable everyone to benefit from data. At the same time, GoodData creates a unique digital identity for users. While confirming the ownership of data, it also creates a “you” in the metaverse for every ordinary user.

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