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Tutorial — How to install and use the [GooD Sleep] in HUAWEI Harmony OS 2.0

The GooD Sleep DApp was officially released on January 18th. This series of articles mainly focus on how ios/android/ and non-Google mobile phone users install and use [GooD Sleep] DApp, so as to answer some users’ questions.

For HUAWEI’s Harmony OS 2.0 users:

Install [Gspace] app: Since Harmony OS 2.0 does not support Google apps, you need to install Gspace to simulate the Google framework environment. The detailed steps are as follows:

  • Make sure your app store is located in a non-Chinese country. If you are located in China, you need to perform the following operations to change the settings: open the Huawei App Store — My Settings — Country / Region — Change to a non-Chinese country — Confirm the modification;
  • Go back to the app store, search and download [Gspace] in the app store;
  • Open [Gspace], download the resource package.If the network is limited, you need to switch the network;
  • Turn on the corresponding permissions in the phone settings;

How to Install [GooD Sleep] DApp: You need to install our DApp in the Google Play store. Since Harmony OS 2.0 does not support Google Play, you need to download it in [Gspace]. The detailed steps are as follows:

  • Open [Gspace], tap and hold Gmail button — Select “upgrade”- Return to the up one level page to the login page of the Google Play — Login — Authorize and enter the Google Play — Search for “goodsleep” — Install the [GooD Sleep] DApp.

How to use [GooD Sleep] DApp and earn rewards:

  • In order to get rewards by using the [GooD Sleep] DApp, you also need to connect the blockchain wallet (via MetaMask or imtoken is recommended) and “Google fit” app. If you don’t have the blockchain wallet and “Google fit” in your device, please go to the app store and download them (Google fit needs to be downloaded in Gspace).
  • wallet network connection:

After logging into the wallet, you need to switch the blockchain wallet network to BSC mainnet. The specific network information is as follows:

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

  • Connect the wallet to [GooD Sleep]: Open GooD Sleep, enter the “My Profile”, click “Connect” and follow the prompts to connect the wallet.
  • Share data to get rewards: After registration through your BSC wallet, you can share data and receive rewards according to the prompts!
  • Sharing sleep data
  1. On the [GooD Sleep] DApp homepage (Home), click the “Sleep to Earn” icon to enter the data submission page
  2. Follow the prompts to authorize your “Google Fit” account, After authorization, [GooD Sleep] will get your sleep data and upload it to distributed storage encrypted. After the data is uploaded successfully, the system will automatically calculate the reward and issue it to your account. You can check the reward record in “Reward History”.

If you have any suggestions or questions about [GooD Sleep], welcome to join our Telegram community ( and discuss with us!




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