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Tyson Fury NFT ‘Lineal’ Sells for $987,000

Recently, the heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s NFT ‘Lineal by Tyson Fury’, sold at auction for $987,000 on HoDooi. The price smashes the $300,000 purchase price of Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT, making it one of the biggest sports NFTs in history. The buyer will also receive a five-by-five foot painting of the artwork, signed by Tyson Fury himself, along with a signed boxing glove and a video from Fury to the winner congratulating them on the winning bid.

In the first half of 2021, NFT sales exceeded $2.5 billion, well above the $13.7 million reported in the same period last year. The increasingly hot NFT has attracted endless resources. A number of research organizations, including the Good Data Foundation, are contributing to the NFT boom. GoodData, a data-based public chain, is building a more competitive and diverse NFT marketplace from multiple dimensions.

NFT release: GoodData allows developers to determine data disclosure parameters to meet the needs of specific business scenarios, and uses verifiable principles that combine privacy protection, secure multi-party computation, and artificial intelligence machine learning to meet the requirements of different industries.

NFT storage: GoodData uses region-aware distributed storage to meet large metadata storage needs and can be read quickly. Ordinary PC computers are able to provide storage space for raw files such as pictures, music, software, etc., which enhances the access efficiency and authenticity verification convenience of the NFT.

NFT circulation: GoodData will release respective liquidity pools for data NFTs and provide technical support for cross-chain circulation. Through cross-chain practice with HECO and other chains, it will open up the flow of NFT assets between multiple chains and significantly improve the efficiency of the NFT secondary market transactions.

NFT users: Linked to data value discovery, NFT will attract a large number of interactions between data providers and users, which can further broaden the breadth and depth of NFT users.

NFT data mining: An NFT is actually a tokenization of data setsor their property rights. The greater the liquidity provided, the higher the frequency of interaction,the faster the price rise of data NFT, and the higher the value of data represented behind it. A large number of NFT participants will discover a large amount of overlooked data value in market activities without being overwhelmed by mainstream information.

NFTs are not only “unique” assets in the digital world, but can also be traded and used to represent goods in the real world. GoodData enables the world’s tradable material assets and other data assets to be calculated on the blockchain as NFTs through NFT or liquidity mining, which will unlock market value.

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