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Will the Metaverse Change Lives? Data security issues need to be addressed first

In a report released on February 7 by the Technology Research Capability Foundation, Gartner, brands have had their users replicated in all aspects of the digital world in a global transformation. 30% of the world’s products and services will be in the metaverse by 2026. There is no doubt that the metaverse is getting closer and closer to us.

In the internet of the future, there will be plenty of time in the universe to work, study, shop, socialize, and socialize. entertainment etc.

GoodData believes that the metaverse will change the way we interact with the virtual world, becoming the main place where we work and live in the virtual world. However, one important issue still needs to be addressed in the completion of the metaverse, and that is the use of data.

Data privacy and data usage will always be the core issues in the Internet age. The effective use of data can improve the user experience and promote the progress of science and technology. However, due to the problems of data abuse and data leakage in the current Internet environment, it is difficult to fully realize the value of data. Scientific and technological means are urgently needed to solve these problems.

GoodData makes full use of the characteristics of blockchain and privacy computation technology in the process of researching data security and data sharing, combining them and launched GoodData, a blockchain platform dedicated to the safe liquidity of data. On the GoodData blockchain, both data owners and data demanders can share and use data in a data-encrypted environment. This process will not leak the user’s privacy and can realize the repeated use of data to achieve the purpose of win-win for all parties.

At present, GoodData has launched the first DApp-GooD Sleep, which encourages users to share the most inconspicuous sleep data to discover the value of data. For users who share data, GoodData will give them rewards to encourage everyone to participate in the flow of data value. In the later stage, as long as the user’s data is used, the user can also obtain additional rewards.

The Metaverse Era is the era of realizing the return of data value. GoodData believes that the future Internet world will abandon the current centralized storage of data and adopt decentralized storage. The decentralized form provides a natural advantage for the flow of data. At that time, users will truly gain the ownership and control of the data, and the value of the data will be fully unearthed.

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