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Introducing the GoodDAO: GoodDollar Governance

Welcome to community-powered GoodDollar. We pass the torch onto you :)

GoodDollar’s graduation from Proof of Concept to fully-fledged protocol in the span of just a few months may seem swift. In reality, though, it has taken many years and some major technological advances to turn an idea first conceived in 2008 into what GoodDollar has become: a truly decentralized impact-first economy that can sustainably deliver crypto basic income.

Now that the GoodDollar protocol has shown it is possible to use the dynamism of decentralized finance (DeFi) to generate and distribute digital wealth to people around the world, it is time to take the next step toward maturity.

It is time to hand control of GoodDollar to our community.

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How To Get Involved

Note that this article was first published on on August 26, 2021




GoodDollar: Changing the Balance, For Good.

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GoodDollar is a series of ongoing experiments and research, establishing an economic framework designed to reduce global wealth inequality through UBI.

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