Goodera’s Employee Volunteering Program: A Forerunner for #Self4Society

About the Initiative:

On 24th October 2018, PM Narendra Modi launched the app #Self4Society to encourage inclusive growth and volunteering efforts from corporate employees of India. The initiative aims at fostering the spirit of volunteering work amongst the employees that benefits marginalized communities and eventually the nation’s growth.

The Webinar started with a brief session on the current state-of-affairs in the IT sector from Union Minister RC Prasad. Post this, PM Modi launched the #Self4Society app. What followed next was a Q&A session from the top IT companies like Infosys, Tech Mahindra and Cisco. Various organizations will be able to create their own initiatives under the identified ‘national causes’.

Objective of PM

“It is important to create an India where everyone has equal opportunities,” says the PM. The Government can provide schemes and budget but things will only move forward with people’s participation. The PM intends to inculcate a thought of sustainability towards natural resources as well.

“Let us think about how we can use our strengths to bring a positive difference in the lives of others” he was quoted as saying.

Technology plays a key role in making the initiative more sustainable and measurable.

Is Employee Volunteering the need of the hour?

A survey conducted by Goodera called the “Employee Volunteering in India: Survey & Trends Analysis — VISTA 2018” highlights that although 88% of the companies support employees to volunteer, 42% organization do not have a formal program in place.

It goes on to prove that more and more employees are willing to take out time from work and participate in volunteering activities that feel closer to their hearts. Goodera hosts multiple events across various cities to conduct employee volunteering and handles end-to-end management of the same.

Long Term Perspective of this Initiative

The initiative aims to make CSR more collaborative and structured. With a push from the government and top IT companies, it is hoped that the efforts will be put at where they matter the most.