Improving road safety in Bangalore: A Toyota case study

Imagine losing your loved one to a road accident that could have been avoided only if proper traffic rules were followed. There should never be any hindrance to pedestrians crossing the road or drivers to drive safely. Basic rules of road safety need to be followed to help both the pedestrians and the drivers to have a safe experience.

India has the record for the worst road safety standards. More than 150,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents. That’s about 400 fatalities a day. With such a dismal record, traffic safety in India, becomes all the more important.

Goodera has always advanced the cause of social good be it education, healthcare or road safety. We believe that everyone is entitled to a safe environment. Keeping our goal to do good in mind we partnered with PotHoleRaja to help Toyota’s volunteering wing iCARE (Community Action To Reach Everyone) organise a drive promoting road safety. More than 120 employees got together with the aim to help the cause of road safety.

Watch Video here.

A busy Bangalore junction near MG Road was selected as the location for installing various safety equipments including sign boards, blinkers and mirrors at steep curves.

The activity was a huge success and the volunteers as well as the commuters were proud of their efforts. The local residents applauded the efforts of the volunteers as well. Three solar blinkers, three hundred cat eye reflectors, 21 solar cat eyes, four mirrors and 27 sign boards were installed in a show of great team spirit and collaboration.

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