Preserving curiosity in our children: An Intel case study

Education is not about studying and scoring marks. It’s about discovering oneself and unlocking one’s potential with repeated questions. This is why inquisitiveness and curiosity are universally considered signs of a gifted student.

This liveliness that children portray is often subdued by colourless surroundings. A child needs to be surrounded by colourful imagery that keeps showing him new things to ponder about.

Curiosity is a gift. We should preserve it instead of actively seeking it out and destroying it.

Intel’s brand is driven by the desire to understand the world around us! Staying true to this mission, Intel employees got together to change the lives of over 400 students enrolled in a government school in Bengaluru.

Over 120 Intel employees participated in the school revamp and made learning aids on chart paper with the children of the school.

The walls of the school facing the playground and courtyard were painted vibrant red to ensure no child looking at the walls could ever be bored. The walls were then decorated with artwork that the volunteers made. A tree was painted on a wall in the centre of the school with hand prints instead of leaves.

Volunteers lined up with paint on their palms to imprint their presence in the school forever and then lined up again to take photographs with the finished product.

The classroom walls were painted a slightly sober shade of blue as well. A waste segregation system was also installed in the school premises to teach the children a valuable lesson about waste management. The learning aids were made by the employees and put up on the notice boards around the school to create an environment of learning.

A weekend well spent, wouldn’t you say?

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