The importance of symbolism: The Karmark

Anyone who sets out to change the world must first define a tangible and measurable goal. Nothing of substance can be accomplished without a well-defined vision, mission and identity.

The identity of a corporation comprises of its logo, its name, its colours and its values. All these need careful consideration and rigorous thought because they need to represent the company along with its history and ambitions. The identity of a company is attached to every product and service that the company provides and must, therefore, be something that the company is proud to be associated with.

At Goodera, we understand the importance of having a unique identity that aligns with our mission to do good. That is why we undertook an eight month long journey starring countless meetings with 5 Englishmen who helped us design the Goodera logo. We conducted over 4 remote interviews and 3 investor interviews as well.

Goodera employees also played a crucial role, taking part in four workshops conducted over five days. Finally, 15 tired brains and 1000+ ideas later, we found perfection, the Karmark.

The Karmark

Our logo, the Karmark, has had a lot of thought put into it. Our symbol is a powerful representation of the flow of goodness in the ecosystem. It encapsulates the people and their ideas in the form of a loop that has finally takes the shape of ‘g’, the ‘Karma Loop’.


At our core, Goodera is about the ‘people’ who inspire us to good. We believe that people should be treated equally and given equal opportunities, no matter their background. All our efforts and products are designed to help our less fortunate counterparts lead better lives. People are always at the core of any of our ideas.


Goodera was founded with the idea to create a technology-driven platform to help corporates do good by helping social causes through their CSR programs. The idea showed both promise and potential, quickly taking hold of everyone it came in touch with. A few years later, this idea is helping NGOs and corporations alike in their efforts to save the world.

Karma Loop

Once you do good for someone, something good inevitably happens to you. Rewarded for your behaviour, you do another good deed and Karma rewards you again. This sets up what we call a Karma loop. Contributing good to the community inevitably contributes positively to your life as well.

G for Good

The Karma loop needs only a little more imagination and a small brushstroke to turn into a small ‘g’.

This organic, yet dynamic ‘g’ in our logo stands both for Good and for Goodera.

To date, we have engaged over 5,00,000 volunteers from more than 200 corporates across the world. Our actions have helped out 40,000 Non-profits spread over 70 countries and have directly benefited 6,000,000 people. Our logo has played a big part in helping us achieve these numbers.

Our identity is something we take great pride in. It helps us keep our vision of a perfect world in sight even in the darkest times and hardest situations, we believe we can accomplish our goal of doing good.