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Something festive for December 🎄

Nov 28, 2021 · 4 min read

Firstly, what a year it’s been a GoodGhosting. Since launching in June this year we are pleased to have had over 11,000 players in our pools and have helped our community save over $690,000. Now as we approach the festive period, in collaboration with Acquisition Royale, Reality Cards, we are pleased to announce a unique saving experience — Advent Pool 🎉

What’s new?

Modelled off a festive advent calendar, this pool rewards you for saving daily in the run up to Christmas. But for that challenge you get an extra reward, each day that you deposit, a new advent window becomes available for you to open, slowly revealing this pool’s exclusive Mali3D NFT ✨.

What’s more you can even bet on the outcome of this pool using a specially designed Reality Card (more below). And as well as incentivising this pool with extra MATIC, we are also lucky to have playable NFTs(worth $24)and Rename NFT tokens (worth $4) for each winner from Acquisition Royale. Furthermore every successful winner will also get a Reality Cards POAP 🏆.

What’s behind doors? Each deposit you make unlocks a new window, viewing the final NFT.

🌊 Pool details

  • You will be need to save daily in DAI stablecoins, on Polygon.
  • The savings pool launches on Dec 1st and runs for 23 days in total. As before, the pooled funds are deposited into Aave. These earn interest in DAI and extra rewards in WMATIC tokens.
  • To win, players have to make 22 deposits of 1 DAI into the pool (once every day). The total required savings to win is 22 DAI.
  • The pool will be sponsored $3 per person of WMATIC thanks to Polygon 🙏
  • Each winner will get an Acquisition Royale playable NFT(worth $24) and a Rename NFT token(worth $4) plus a Reality Cards POAP.
  • We have also commissioned a festive Mali3D NFT for all winners of the pool —this NFT will be revealed incrementally via our special advent calendar UI 🖼
  • Capped at 750 participants. Don’t wait too long to make your first deposit, as soon as there are 750 people in the pool it will be closed.
  • The first deposit has to be made before Dec 2nd — 🚨 THERE WILL ONLY BE 24 HOURS AVAILABLE TO JOIN THE POOL.
  • After the final deposit deadline (December 22nd), there is a one day waiting period before the game ends. On December 23rd players can claim their winnings, without any time limit.
  • Each winner will get an increased “GG-Score” score of 1088 🔥

Betting on the outcome with Reality Cards

Uniquely for this pool, you will be able to gamble on the number of ghosts using Reality Cards. We know on average 20% of folks tend to ghost, but since this pool requires daily deposits, only the most disciplined savers will make it. What do you think, will there be more than 100 dropouts?

For this pool we will be minting 2 Reality Cards NFTs. One which bets on the outcome of 100 or fewer players becoming ghosts at the end of the pool, and a second which for the outcome of more than 100 players ghosting. These NFTs will be available shortly after the pool launches.

Join a Battle Royale Experience

With the Enterprise NFT you win from this pool, you’ll be able to play Acquisition Royale — a play-to-earn battle royale game on Polygon themed around mergers and acquisitions, where players strategically fight for corporate domination. You’ll also be able to use your Rename Token to give your Enterprise a custom on-chain name.

Join our Community Call ☎️

Want to get the full lowdown on this pool? Join us for our community call on Dec 1st 3pm GMT. We will be joined by Xavier from Acquisition Royale and Andrew from Reality Cards. You will also get all the latest GoodGhosting news, and AriSwap NFT exchange will be joining.

👉 Sign up to our community call here

The pool will be launching straight after the community call!

The end of boring saving with GoodGhosting

How do I connect to GoodGhosting?

Check out our guides on how to connect to GoodGhosting, or how to obtain the necessary DAI stablecoins.

Confused or tired of using MetaMask? Try out the Venly wallet. We just enabled this kick-ass wallet in our user interface. Check our website and click “Connect”.

Happy saving! 👻

The GoodGhosting Team

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The new addictive way to save. Our savings pools reward regular savers with higher interest rates. Start building the financial habits you deserve.


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The new addictive way to save. Our savings pools reward regular savers with higher interest rates. Start building the financial habits you deserve.