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Community Governance Pool Proposal Results!

The results are in from our Community Governance voting on Snapshot!

As voted for by you, the GoodGhosting community, we are proud to announce that the Community Governance v1 Pool winners are:

Simple 10 Pool

Ghostashi 6ix9ine Pool

The OG Pool

8 Bit Pool

Hashmail Pool


Blue Plaid Pool

The Warrior Pool

Saving, one dollar at a time

We’ve got $75K in prizes for pool participants and Pool Angels!

If you are one of the lucky winner, a huge congratulations! Your creativity and promo skills have earned your pool a spot in our first ever community pools and given you a shot at winning $2,000 in our Pool Angel awards! We’ll reach out to you soon with the next steps.

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, our community pools have $69,000 of sponsorship up for grabs! These 10 community pools will definitely help you on your way to reaching your financial goals and earn you some of our best ever NFTs!

Here’s the schedule for the community pool launches:

  • 29 Nov Simple 10 Pool @ Celo
  • 2 Dec @ Celo
  • 6 Dec Ghostashi 6ix9ine Pool @ Polygon
  • 9 Dec The OG Pool @ Polygon
  • 13 Dec 8 Bit Pool @ Polygon
  • 16 Dec Hashmail Pool [Angels will share] @ Polygon
  • 20 Dec CERTIFIED DEGEN @ Polygon
  • 23 Dec Blue Plaid Pool @ Polygon
  • 17 Jan The Warrior Pool @ Celo
  • 20 Jan Saving, one dollar at a time @ Celo
  • 31 Jan Closing Party!

We know how important it is to enjoy the holiday season with your family, so we’re not launching new pools between Dec 23 and Jan 17. This also makes sure that all of our Pool Angels have a good chance at getting their pools filled during these special times.

The final snapshot will be taken on Jan 26 2023 at 2pm UTC. This will decide which pools and Pool Angels take home the cash prizes, as mentioned in the original announcement. We’ll be announcing the winners in our closing party on the 31st of January!

The GoodGhosting team

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GoodGhosting is dedicated to ensuring a fair and democratic voting process for all members of the community. In light of some suspicious behaviour, we have removed three pool proposals from being considered for winning in order to maintain the integrity of the voting process. Thank you for your understanding.



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