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Save with GoodGhosing and Celo this October

Get spooky with Celoween 👻

Save cUSD and get rewarded in our latest Celo pool

It’s almost spooky season! We have prepared for you a special Halloween-themed savings pool called Celoween! 🎃 Get your cUSD ready.

You will at least , one of Mali3D’s , and more cUSD. All in record time. and will conclude in just 12 days.

Hit your cUSD savings target & earn extra rewards.

The pool closes on Oct 22 — and is capped at 1000 participants — so be quick!


You can also check our step-by-step guide or head over to our website.

Will you make all your deposits and grab your share of the rewards?

🌊 Celoween pool details

  • The savings pool runs , on the Celo network. As before, the pooled funds are deposited into Moola, earning interest.
  • Complete all 👻(Celo Dollar) to earn your share of the rewards. If you miss a deposit, you can still get your initial deposit back but not earn any rewards.
  • The first deposit has to be made . The second deposit can be made from Oct 22 to Oct 25, and the final deposit from Oct 25 to Oct 28.
  • The rewards consist of:
    - All t that is generated in Moola
    - An additional minimum of per participant.
    Thanks to $5000 worth of sponsorship by Celo’s #DeFiForThePeople initiative!
    - A Celoween-themedfrom Mali3D
    - An increase in your of 67🔥
Grab this spooky NFT with Celoween

Saving with Celo

We know many of you might not be familiar with Celo (yet). But no worries: we prepared some for you to get started on your GoodGhosting Celo journey.

First of all, you will need a
wallet that is compatible with Celo. We are currently supporting MetaMask, Celo Extension wallet and Ledger Live. Next, you will need to obtain 39 cUSD and some CELO to participate. That’s it!

🌎 Checkout our Website
👾 Join our Discord
🐦 Follow us on Twitter

About Celo

Celo is a mobile-first platform that makes financial dApps accessible anywhere with a mobile phone. We share their vision in making crypto and decentralized finance available to all. Learn more about Celo’s mission here.




The new addictive way to save. Our savings pools reward regular savers with higher interest rates. Start building the financial habits you deserve.

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A decentralized savings pool which rewards regular saving 💸 Get ghosted by other savers ... and get their interest 👻 Help us make saving fun 👇

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