Speak TF Up: The Symptoms of ‘Man I Hate My Job’

The Internet Weighs In On How You Can Tell Its Time For A New Professional Environment.

This week, The TrailMix AM touched on a pretty touchy subject for a lot of people, and rightfully so, internet users weighed in quickly.

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This week’s Question of the Morning focused on how people might drag their feet to the office everyday when their job is no longer enjoyable or, simply put, they hate their job. Now, to my knowledge, no one actually disclosed whether or not they hate their current job (so if you see someone you know, cut them some slack). But the signs are pretty tried and true, relatable, and all pretty good indicators that the end is more than likely near.

And in came the responses.

OK, so you thought you were alone on that one, right? You really thought you were the only one who stopped on the way for breakfast, noticing you were late and thought, “Well, I’m already late. There’s no later than this.” Evidentally not. Showing up late (often without any care) was the #1 answer according to Facebook and Twitter users. But wait, there’s more:

And then…Facebook users had a field day! Using words, emojis, and memes, our friends over at Facebook joined in our morning topic to drop these major gems and signs that you probably hate your job.

Distancing yourself from people who love their jobs.

Suddenly, you’ve abandoned those so-called lunch buddies for silent moments (and even silent cries) in your car. Yup, you’re officially tired of this place! When you’re not around folks, you’re either listening to music with headphones on, or even worse — faking like you’re on a phone call. Who needs friends when you need outs!?

Taking extended or unscheduled breaks regularly

The rules say two 15-minute breaks per day, but you know what: if it wasn’t 15 minutes, then it was a break. Hello 14mins and 52 seconds! The first time, it was an emergency, then your mom, then a trip to the vending machine, then a trip to the bathroom. And speaking of bathrooms…

Not participating in company activities

Community Service? Nope. Athletic league? Nope. Decoration committe? Nope. Birthday committe? Nope. You’re here to work…barely!

You spend more time in the bathroom then you do working

Because no one asks questions in the bathroom!

Actively searching for jobs while at work

Yes, a copy of the resume on your desktop means you’re completely checked out! And don’t think we don’t know you’re clearing your browser history so….know what? Never mind. Out of her!

In comparison to these, other online posts about not liking your job seem childish. If you’re a manager, senior executive, or just someone in HR, you might want to consider addressing some root causes and sources as to why so many people show such similar — and nearly universal — behaviors when they’re inching closer and closer to the exit.

What are some signs you’ve seen before? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with others. Tune in to The TrailMix AM airing at 7am on GoodKnocking Radio — available online through our website, as well as through Spreaker.