Six Ways to Grow Your Podcast Audience

Feb 5 · 4 min read

Hi there. This is JJ, the co-founder of Goodpods. For those of you who don’t know this already, I used to be a podcaster. My show Been There Built That was a compendium to my NBC News national tv show Your Business.

I mention this because I want you to know that for those of you trying to grow your audience, I feel your pain! It is HARD! Even with built-in weekly tv-audience, it was hard to get the word out about my podcast. I’ve heard this refrain from basically every podcaster I’ve spoken to.

That’s one of the reasons we built Goodpods — to help podcasters find new listeners. (For those of you who don’t know about Goodpods yet — it’s the app where you can follow your smartest, funniest most curious friends, podcasters, and influencers to find out what they’re listening to.)

No doubt there are people out there who would love your show if they only knew about it. Well, who better than your current fans to become your spread-the-word army?

Here are the parts of Goodpods which will help you grow your audience.

Your profile — This is step one

This is simple. Right when you come onto Goodpods for the first time, you’re asked to let us know what your podcast is. Once you are connected with your show, each time you release a new episode, all your followers will see it in their feed (and have the opportunity to listen to it right then or bookmark it for later).

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A Podcaster Profile

The Feed — This is where the magic happens

Each time someone listens to your podcast, it will show up in their feed so that all their friends will see it as a recommendation. Right now, people chat about podcasts in person and on other social media, but by the time someone’s ready to listen, they often forget what their friends suggested. The feed solves that problem.

Here are some ways to spread the word for people to follow you on Goodpods. (link to our spread the word for podcasters page)

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Direct Recommendations — A little more magic

These recommendations are even more targeted. Your listeners can directly recommend one of your episodes to their friends. Not only that, you can do the same thing! If you have a particular episode of your show that you think someone should listen to, you can send them a direct recommendation.

Discussions — Get to know your listeners more

This is where it starts getting fun. You can reach out to your followers (on Goodpods or another social media app) to tell them you’re doing to have a discussion about one of your episodes (or the whole show). There is a “Discussions” tab right on your show’s page on Goodpods to host these chats. Now you have a way to really engage your listeners in a two-way conversation to build interest and loyalty to your show.

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Cross-Promote Your Friends — Reach new audiences

You all probably already do this on your podcast — trade ad spots or guest spots with other podcasters so you can reach each others’ audiences. Here’s an easy way to capitalize on those relationships even more. On your feed, you can recommend your friends’ shows and they can recommend yours. And, you can do that as often as you want so you can make lots of trades with fellow podcasters whose content you like.

The Badge

Also, don’t forget to put our badge on your website (just scroll down to the bottom here to get one). You’ll notice the other podcast apps you may have badges for say “listen with ..”. Goodpods is different because it encourages people to share!

If any of you have started using Goodpods in any creative ways, we’d love to know about it! Just email us at!

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